Welcome to Barkham. Pop. 5,120. Updates every Friday.

Cast of Characters

Adrienne Whippet
Inheritor of Brindle Hall


George Basset



Masked menace

Howie Husky

Sheriff of Barkham

Trevor Golding

Owner of the
Hot Dog Diner

Konrad Keeshond

Owner of the
Chilly Dog parlour

Colleen Shepherd
Sheriff's deputy

Hidé Akita
Co-owner of the
old bookshop

Yaeko Akita
Co-owner of the
old bookshop

Jonah Catahoula
Cab driver


Larry Labrador
Sheriff's deputy

Tom Dobermann, Jr.
Heir to the Dobermann fortune

Frenchy Caniche
High school musician


Big Paw
Living legend


Layla Saluki


Thomas Dobermann
Richest dog in town


Mark Rottweiler
Manager at the Games Kennel hobby shop

Sales assistant at the Seeing-Eye camera shop