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Extra: Storyboards 3/4

14th Feb 2020, 5:00 PM in Dog House
Extra: Storyboards 3/4
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Author Notes:

Scott D. 14th Feb 2020, 5:00 PM
Scott D.
Storyboards 3/4. Last time, I was thinking about voice actors. I don't think there's really a definitive list even for me (I can't even keep a top ten of my favourite horror flicks straight), but I've had a few thoughts and suggestions, speaking hypothetically, of course:

A friend of mine suggested Emilia Clarke for the voice of Adrienne Whippet, which is certainly a great choice, though my shortlist would also include names such as Kate Ashfield, Freema Agyeman, Jaime Winstone, Naomi Scott, Angel Coulby, and India Fisher, while Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler in Doctor Who) Jessica Hynes (Daisy in Spaced), or Barbara Windsor (known for being in nine of the Carry On films and long-running soap opera EastEnders) could play her mother Eileen.

I considered Matt Mercer, David Kaye, Josh Keaton, or Nathan Fillion for the part of Sheriff Husky, though the same friend I mentioned earlier has also suggested Kyle MacLachlan. Given that Twin Peaks was massively influential on this comic, I'm okay with this. I've heard Erica Cerra proposed for Deputy Shepherd. My own first thoughts were Cree Summer, Allegra Clark, or Marina Sirtis.

I still stand by Jim Broadbent as George Basset, although James Cromwell (Dr Arden in American Horror Story: Asylum) or possibly Daran Norris (master of snooty vocal performances) would be viable options. The late Edward Herrmann (The Lost Boys, Overboard) was also pitched.

For the Akitas, Ken Watanabe and Kaori Momoi were suggested to me. A few other options for Mr Akita might be William Frederick Knight (known for voicing plenty of elderly male characters in Japanese anime), Colin Foo (Kamimura in Broken Saints), or Greg Baldwin (often the stand-in for the late Mako Iwamatsu). I would have loved for the late June Foray to play Mrs Akita, her being the quintessential voice for animated grandmothers when I was growing up, but in lieu of that, I could also hear the glamorous Dame Julie Walters, or Linda Young in the role.

Jonah Catahoula needs a special kind of bonkers, such as Steve Buscemi or John Malkovich, while I think I'd prefer Trevor Golding and Konrad Keeshond to be played by an established American comedic duo, like Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht, or Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

So, one last question, would this cartoon be broadcast on television, streaming service, or would it be a web series? If it's the first, what network might it be most at home on?
—Scott D.

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I vote streaming 14th Feb 2020, 5:08 PM
I'm enjoying the storyboards. Like an interesting Behind the Scenes.

I'd like to see it on a Streaming Service. Amazon or Netflix. They could do amazing jobs with it.
NeilKapit 31st Mar 2020, 5:29 AM
I am 100% about voice casting comic characters so I’ll do another read through of Barkham Horror and give you my own picks if you don’t mind
Scott D. 31st Mar 2020, 7:01 PM
Scott D.
Oh, by all means, please do! It was just a bit of a thought experiment, but I would love to hear your suggestions!