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8th May 2020, 5:00 PM in Dog Wood
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Scott D. 8th May 2020, 5:00 PM
Scott D.
I think one of the best big monster reveals captured on film is still the chestburster in Ridley Scott's 1979 classic Alien. According to hearsay, the reactions were genuine because the actors were unaware of how the vaguely scripted sequence would actually turn out. I don't know for certain whether that's true or not, but it makes for a great anecdote all the same! A close second is the harrowing resurrection of Sean Chapman's character in 1987's Hellraiser, and then there's Sadako's iconic emergence through the television set at the end of 1998's Ring, a scene that was equally as cool and atmospheric in the 2002 American remake. What's your favourite monster reveal in movies, television, or video games?
—Scott D.

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