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Guest Art: Brethegoat

28th Aug 2020, 5:00 PM in Dog Wood
Guest Art: Brethegoat
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Author Notes:

Scott D. 28th Aug 2020, 5:00 PM
Scott D.
This week's guest art is courtesy of Brethegoat of Playing it Safe, and has Adrienne and Howie discovering a distinct dislike for roses.
—Scott D.

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NatNatVW 28th Aug 2020, 5:14 PM
Beware the eye!
Scott D. 28th Aug 2020, 5:45 PM
Scott D.
NeilKapit 29th Aug 2020, 6:37 AM
The composition and the contrast work really great here
Scott D. 29th Aug 2020, 5:02 PM
Scott D.
Yes, the artist did a great job. I think the red is incredibly striking.