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13th Nov 2020, 5:00 PM in (Interlude) Shaggy Dog Stories
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Author Notes:

Scott D. 13th Nov 2020, 5:00 PM
Scott D.
This seems like an appropriate page to talk about this.

I recently watched the web series Truth Seekers, helmed by Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders, and while I can't say I was surprised by what I saw, it was seriously enjoyable. If you're expecting the same in-your-face hilarity of Frost and Pegg's cinematic works, it's not quite the same and the scale is notably smaller at first, but it does have all their characteristic charm and wit. What I liked is its very modern approach, referencing YouTube videos and trends, cosplay culture, creepypasta, urban exploration, and blending it with other fields of bizarre interests, from spiritualism and personality cult activity to numbers stations, architectural mysteries, and conspiracy theory. It all makes for a genuinely eerie result that isn't compromised by the laughs, but rather mutually enhanced by it. Frost is on-point as opinionated yet lovable broadband engineer-cum-amateur spook chaser Gus Roberts, assisted by newcomers Samson Kayo and Emma D'Arcy as his junior colleagues, while Julian Barratt (of The Mighty Boosh fame) shows some genuine charisma as Doctor Toynbee, and screen veteran Malcolm McDowell is fabulous as Gus's crotchety father-in-law Richard. If you haven't seen it for yourself, I'd heavily recommend trying it out, and at eight episodes lasting roughly twenty-five minutes each, it's easy to digest.

On the subject of those things that creep and crawl in the strange little corners of our world, have you ever had an experience you couldn't explain? Not necessarily scary, or to do with ghosts or aliens per se (though if you do have a good story, then by all means share), but something genuinely anomalous? Something just plain weird that you look back on and still can't quite rationalise?
—Scott D.

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NeilKapit 13th Nov 2020, 11:33 PM
Appropriate that dogs who can hear and smell things far beyond our perceptions would be ghost hunters
Scott D. 14th Nov 2020, 3:18 AM
Scott D.
I once heard that a Shar-Pei's purplish tongue was accredited to the belief in China that they could eat ghosts, keeping their masters' homes free of evil spirits.
lady.storyteller 14th Nov 2020, 3:19 AM
I love how Sparx is this long hair chihuahua and acts like it. lol

As for your author's question: I won't way I can't explain it because it was ghosts. But I remember when I was a teenager I lived in a trailer that was haunted by a confederate ghost (I live in Georgia, USA). I would wake up from aweful nightmares with long scratches down my arms and legs that would be gone within a few hours.

I was seventeen and got my hands on a Ouija board at a local yard sale (I know, worst plate to buy one!!). My best friend and I were trying to commune with the ghost which was a mistake. Do not do it. Ouija boards are difficult to hone and we did not cast a circle to banish evil spirits. I talked to her the day after it and she asked if I'd had any interactions with the ghost. I told her no but I did not know if it had worked. She gasped as I said this and told me, "A hand print just appeared in the dust on my tv."

"It could be yours," I reasoned.

"No. I just finished cleaning. I dusted my tv. There shouldn't have been dust there." Which I believve because she is OCD.

Before I can say more, my television suddenly turns off to show a handprint in the dust.

It was freaky and not the only thing that ghost did. I don't talk about it a lot because I fear talking about him will summon him. But since leaving that trailer, he hasn't shown up. But to this day I get the eerie sensation that he is looking for me and its been nearly 20 years.