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18th Oct 2019, 5:00 PM in Dog House
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Scott D. 18th Oct 2019, 5:00 PM
Scott D.
In small towns and big cities alike, there are things that just happen like any of a hundred natural functions of the living, breathing being that such places often become. There's that guy who comes into the café everyday, always at the same time, and orders the same black coffee and bowl of cornflakes. Whether he's pleasant company or not, you can set your watch by him. There's the ice cream van that always stops by the secondary school gates at all times of the year (which is something I personally looked forward to). For Deputy Colleen Shepherd and the good dogs at the Barkham Sheriff's Station, there's Earl. You can also be certain that these places will develop their own lore, too, especially when it comes to local landmarks and history, like the ghosts of the battle fought in the fields, or the kids who disappeared while playing near the river and were never found, the sightings of strange cats or birds, or the sordid and assorted affairs of the people who live in that creepy old mansion at the end of the lane. Do you know any good myths, legends, and stories from your neck of the woods?
—Scott D.

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Ajax 18th Oct 2019, 6:55 PM
About the most we’ve got is this

lady.storyteller 19th Oct 2019, 4:38 AM
First, I love the comic strip. So happy for the small town feel and creepy legend.

While we don't really have creepy legends in my area, I have three stories for you. Sort of.

1. My Grant-Grandmother used to babysit me when I was real little. When we would misbehave, she would would point to this creepy old barn just in view of her front porch and tell me, "The Boogieman lives there and if you don't behave he'll march over and get you." Sadly, I do this shit to my nephews when they're misbehaving too.

2. I lived in a trailer park and it was rumored that the trailer right across from me had a child molester gunned down in it. And we as kids would always go over to it and wait for his ghost to come out and scare us (he never did).

3. Small Town story more than a ghost story. My Nana worked as a waitress at a diner here in town (its not a floral shop). My papa owned his own business and stopped by every morning for coffee and eggs, making a point to sit in her section and make conversation. One day, one of the diner's patrons passed away. Their first date was his funeral. Which might sound morbid, but they stayed married until he died and she hung onto that love the rest of her life. Small town romance.